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By meadowsweetorganics, Jul 20 2016 11:56AM

I'm pretty sure that yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far! we were out in the heat hoe-ing brassica crops and watching everything grow. I have time to write this because it is currently torrential rain and thunder storms outside right now; the perfect recipe for plant growth. Our lives and work are always dictated by the weather.

We've been harvesting lots of veggies including cucumbers, salads, beetroot, new potatoes, cabbages and courgettes. And lots of flowers for bouquets and weddings including ammi, cornflowers, sweetpeas and nigella. And lots of herbs too including St Johns Wort, elderflower, nettle and mullein, which means new herb tea blends coming soon!

And there's much more to come! like tomotoes, which should start ripening up any day now :)

We've also had our share of pest problems, which are inevitable when you choose to work with nature as conditions are different every year bringing always new challenges like the diamondback moth, which swarmed into our field about a week ago and started happily munching away and reproducing on our brassica (cabbage family) crops. It's a big problem all over Scotland and the UK and unfortunatly they're resistant to most methods of control. The birds have been helping us by eating them off the plants and other moth predators are enourged by the phaceilia growing around our crops. Here's an article on them if you're interested; http://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/diamondback-moth-epic-journey.html

..It just might be a while before we see kale back on the menu..

We've also had lots of amazing helpers over the past week helping with the big job of weeding and thinning the beetroot and some very late leek planting. People volunteered very quickly when we threatened that there wouldn't be beetroot if we didn't do it soon :) thank you Alice & Benny, Peter, Mum and Auntie Helen, Anna, Johanna & Minna.

Next Monday we're re-starting our Edinburgh vegbox deliveries, which can be ordered in advance from the shop page on our website and then picked up from the Pavillion Cafe on the Meadows between 12 - 5pm. Our vegboxes are unique because they are full of 100% seasonal, organic produce that's as fresh as can be and we don't buy anything in.

Farmer's market are going very well and we have 2 markets on the last Saturday of this month; Kinross and Kirkcaldy and then St Andrews the following week. Don't forget about the Falkland 'Local Food Works' Markets every Saturday (apart from the last of the month) from 10:30 to 12:30 where you can buy our produce from the Falkland Growers & Producers stall.

Summer is definatly with us now, despite the rain today (and all the other days :)). Everything is growing happily, we're working hard and there's much more to come in the new few months!

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